The holidays might have ended but our new year started off with a bang. Blur? February is staring me in the face and I didn't even see it coming. Sneaky, sneaky 2nd month.

Jeremiah and I are back from Haiti. The blizzard of the century hampered our getting back to DC to pick the kids up as originally scheduled, but a few flight cancellations and delays and hours spent people watching at the Atlanta airport...and we are officially reunited as a complete family! 

Jeremiah only cried one time knowing he was missing his beloved snow, ha!

The kids did great at my moms while we were gone and my family did an amazing job keeping up with their school and keeping their hearts happy. It truly takes a village to pull off a trip like we did and in the case of my family, they literally have a small village! 

Our time in Haiti was full, and I've got a few photos highlighting some of my favorite moments...

Our construction team installed almost 30 fans in classrooms at Christian Light School.

Jonathan, our favorite mechanic, never stopped working the entire time he was there, getting HOH cars and other local missionary cars back in working order!

Catching up with old friends.

A sweet time of ministry at the Philippine UN base, encouraging the workers who are stationed in Haiti for long stretches of time without their families. 

Spa day for the local long-term missionaries. Ministering to those who are always ministering.

Of course, always loving on the kiddo's.

 Connie and Keith did a great job teaching a music theory class during the pastors conference.

Pastor Randall teaching one of the mens sessions at the conference.

The amazing women of Bethel Baptist leading the woman's sessions.
Jim and Pastor M sharing a moment.

Jeremiah with his playground crew! 

One of the VBS stations at a new village school we visited, way out on the coast.

A second station for the older students.

Due to this fishing villages proximity to the beach we were treated with fresh fish , squid,
 and fried plantains for lunch that day.

And there's more. Much more. And stories. I have some amazing stories...

But the littles are waking up and I have a Saturday morning pancake feast to prepare.

Stay tuned for more...
The pool is nice, 
as is the rooftop, 
but it's the front porch that holds my heart here at the House of Hope.

A long tiled slab, two wooden benches, and a handfull of plastic chairs and potted plants make up my favorite spot.

It's a place to hang out, 
play jump rope or cards, 
watch the dogs, 
watch the kids,
talk about the weather or wrestle through a difficult conversation.

I've watched countless people walk in the gates, 
gather at the porch, 
and pour out their excitement over good news, 
or heartbreak and frustrations over tough life situations.

Good and bad, tears and laughter, this front porch exists as a sacred zone between the public and private, an area that can be shared between the sanctity of home and the community outside. It is in this space that two worlds collide and the lines between American and Haitian blur, and we are all simply...friends.

I'm convinced that just as much ministry happens in this sacred space as in walls of a sanctioned church. Long lasting, relational, life changing ministry. 

Built one conversation and one go-fish game at a time.

In just 2 days Jeremiah and I head to Haiti for our first trip of 2016!

I'm always excited to travel back to our other home, but this time I am especially excited because there is just so much going on that I can't wait to be a part of! We do so much behind the scenes work and scheduling and organizing and planning that it is super special for me when I actually get to be on the ground and get my hands dirty.

We have several teams we will be working with while we are there and there will be a playground being built at a partner orphanage, a pastor's conference, a spa day for the local missionary women, as well as time spent with our kiddo's at HFHM and other loved ones.

It's just Jeremiah and me this trip as the kids will be staying with my family up north. ALL of them were upset not to be included on this trip, but there is just so much going on in a little amount of time and so many people staying at the House of Hope that it couldn't work out this time for them to come. Next time...

The drawer full of hair bows in the kids bathroom is pretty much wishful thinking. Zoe won't let me anywhere near her hair anymore. Sigh.

Ezra: Since it's Hawaiian night at church on Sunday can I wear my Luke Skywalker costume?!!

Ezra (after to listening to a Drake song): He's not really a professional. He just sounds like he is making up words.

Ezra to Jeremiah: Your elbows look soggy.

Oh, Ezra,

Time to get packing...

Next post is coming from Haiti!

Happy Monday!

The ball has dropped, the Christmas lights are (mostly) down, and the magazine headlines be all screaming about the New Year, New YOU.

New body,
new positive outlook,
time to take charge of your new life,
and my personal organizing strategies to make your crap look better.

Yes, it's true. Crap looks better in a linen bin with a chalkboard label.

And, lest you think I'm completely above it all with my sarcastic talk,  I do enjoy setting a few personal goals for a new year. I'm naturally a goal oriented person and I like the process of making and working towards a goal.

Yet, I have come to the realization that a new year doesn't bring a new me. No matter what goals I set or even achieve, I will end 2016 as the same me that started 2016.

And, oh, that is wonderfully and blissfully okay with me.
The pressure is off.

A big learning curve the Lord has worked in my heart over the last few years is that I am at my best when I am at my weakest, for it is there I am most dependent and pressed into Him.

I am free to be me, with all my frailty and weakness and failures.
I can own me.
My identity isn't found it what I do or weigh or succeed at or make or fail at.

I am enough simply because of the fact that He loves me, It's who I am.

He is able. And that is more than enough to carry me through this new year.

Although, I'm not opposed to finding a few of those cute linen bins.

These are my absolute favorite family pictures of our year.

Nobody is in coordinated outfits. 
Make-up is not always on and hair is not fixed.
In most, no one is even looking at the camera.

It's life, real life, our life.

I'm convinced that a big life, experiencing a big God, who is writing a big story is really just a collection of small faithful moments.

May your 2016 be filled with little big moments.

Happy New Year!

This time last year, after a lot of waiting, praying, and trying our best to open some doors that just weren't meant to be opened...Jeremiah and I felt that gentle yet firm prodding that comes from the Holy Spirit to step out in faith (yet, again) and walk through the one already wide open door and join the ministry of Until the Whole World Knows.

This time last year?!

Are we really staring 2016 in the face?

What a year.

Seriously. I always get so incredibly sentimental at the end of a new year. I love to think back through and look at pictures and remember. It's a habit I find to be faith and life affirming, choosing to be intentional in remembering what the Lord has done.

The year started so overwhelming and unknown. A completely different job with completely too big of a vision given to two willing, yet incapable people.

And yet, despite all that, somehow and someway, the Lord choose to allow us to walk with and work for Him this year.

And, oh, how my faith has grown!

How humbled and excited that we get to do what we do...

Supporting the House of Hope ministry center in Haiti,
training and leading teams,
developing new partnerships around the globe (Costa Rica, Madagascar, Zambia, and Haiti, of course) as well as in our own city,
providing support and encouragement for missionaries,
strengthening current orphan and widow care ministries,
and partnering with local churches to help equip them to develop effective missions programs.

That's a whole lot of big words.

I think photographs paint a better picture.

But here's the thing, and here's what we are all about: The following pictures aren't just stock photographs. They are pictures of our friends, whose names we know, whose lives we are involved in. We say all the time that missions at its finest is long-term, intentional, and relational, and I love that even though I toss around some big words, what it all boils down to is relationship. Meeting needs and sharing Jesus looks a lot like building a widow's house, hosting baptisms, jumping rope, helping an overworked pastor, teaching a Bible study, or just cooking dinner together.

We truly have the best job in the world and I wouldn't switch places with anyone else on this earth.

If 2015 was a good year, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for 2016!

Thank you for praying for us, supporting us, and loving us.


For those of you who have been watching from the sidelines, now is the perfect time to join our support team! I am excited to invite you to partner with us in the upcoming year.

Please pray and give if the Lord prompts your heart and consider becoming a monthly sponsor of UTWWK. Our monthly givers are the backbone of our ministry and provide the stability for us to do what we do with consistency.

The ministry is growing and the Lord has given all of us at UTWWK a big vision for this new year.
We are moving forward in faith and trusting the Lord will provide all that is needed to do what he has called us to do!

I cannot even explain the depth of the joy that comes from giving to the kingdom work we are a part of!

You can give in three simple and secure ways: 

1. Give by clicking on the "support us" button at the top of this page  now.
2. By mail. Please make checks payable to Until The Whole World Knows Inc.  Mail checks to:
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