My life is madness at the moment and I am feeling spread way too thin. Whoever said that women can have it all is a liar. You can't. Something, or someone has to give. And the truth is, I know this. This is not new information. I have never attempted or even wanted to have it all. But sometimes life throws it all at you and bam, it's just sitting in your lap and your arms aren't big enough to keep something from slipping off.

And yet, in the midst of a season of learning a very valuable yet painful lesson on the dangers of saying yes too much...

the Lord is gracious to grant me moments with the most deliciously adorable four year old.

Who slows me down,
and makes me notice the beautifully simple details of bruised shins, painted toe-nails, and the pure enjoyment of eating an ice-cream cone on the front porch.

Well, hello April!

Remember when I said that what happens in February doesn't stay in February? Well, add March to that list. And now that April is here it's time to put all that planning to the test.

Jeremiah, along with two fellow Jesus lovers/ playground builders, leave for Haiti this week. This trip has a lot of goals and components to it, but the main task at hand will be a playground build at Okipe Children's Village located in La Gonave, Haiti.

La Gonave is an island, approximately 30miles by 10miles, where 120,000 Haitians reside. It can be reached by a 40 minute boat ride from the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Historically, La Gonave became the place where the "undesirables" (criminals, sick and elderly, etc.) were sent from the mainland. If Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, then La Gonave is the place to truly find the least of these.

We are excited to be a part of a new story that is unfolding on the island...a story that gives the least of these a hope and a future, found in Jesus.

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As you can imagine, there are a lot of unknowns and uncontrollable variables with this trip. The logistics of getting all the supplies, lumber, and workers to the island itself is a major task and there is a lot outside of our control.

But, being outside our comfort and control zone is a really good thing as dependency on the Lord is "where the fun begins" according to Jeremiah, ha!

Thank you for your prayers for Jeremiah and the team over the next few weeks. And thank you for those that gave to bring this trip to fruition. What an amazing story that we all get to be a part of!

If you'd like to get involved with the work of UTWWK, click here, or on the "support us" button at the top of the blog.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for pictures and updates!

Ah, Spring Break...I think I'm in love.

Your timing was perfect as we were all feeling a wee bit burned out.

We needed some time just to chill,
not rush,
read and read,
discover beautiful bugs,
and get bored enough to spurn creativity...

Thank you Spring Break, I now feel I just might be able to finish the school year out now.

I can't let the month roll by without documenting that somehow my little tiny Ethiopian 3 year old with the huge eyes and frowny face turned 9?!!

Our first picture of Eli.

I get asked all the time if Eli is "that sweet" all the time.
My answer is no, he is only that sweet most of the time.
He can pick on his little sister with the best of them and knows how to instigate a fight out of Ezra...but he really and truly is the most laid back, easy going, sweetest little boy I have ever met.

And I'm so stinking glad he's mine.

He is typical 9 year old in that he loves legos, Star Wars, and soccer. He is atypical 9 year old in that he never has to be reminded to do his chores, is the first one out the door to help me carry in groceries, loves salads and vegetables and spicy foods, is super meticulous, and still sleeps with his beloved stuffed animals. (I hope he doesn't hate me for publicly admitting that one!)

He requested a few buddies to come up to the house to ride the go-cart and play lazer tag for his special day. His dinner of choice consisted of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and applesauce.
And his "cake" was a plain cheesecake with strawberry topping.

Eli Cade,

You are one sweet and funny and loved boy! We are crazy for you and love your gentle go-with-the-flow personality. You have grown so much this year, in all areas...and Daddy and I are so proud of how hard you work. You are my little hero and your life is such a strong testimony to the faithfulness of our God. 

Happy happy birthday! 

I love you,


p.s. I will forever frustrate you by telling you how much I just love your curls and cute button nose =)

Even Zoe got involved in clean house, clean hearts day this year. 

And the Zooble was a big helper preparing our passover Sedar meal this year. She's getting so big...

Our new life seeds sprouted just in time!

The Easter fab four in all their finery.

Easter dinner was at our house with our Via family...and sweet Cohen celebrated his first Easter.

Happy happy Holy Week!

This week is Spring break for us...where I can properly recover from my holy hangover =)

I'm pretty sure I've written more about this week than any other subject over all the years I've had this blog. (You can read about previous years here.)

What can I say, I love this week. This time of year. This holiday.

And I can't resist, I say it every year...

Who really cares about Christmas if there isn't an Easter?!!

My prayer this year (in the midst of an ever changing dynamic within our busy family) is that the Easter story will be found fresh in my own heart and in the hearts of my children and that these activities won't just be fun traditions we do every year, but that the significance of this week will come alive to all of us.

It wouldn't be Holy Week without our traditional planting of the seeds and re-creating a tomb scene.

Happy Holy Week from the fab four!